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What does low-code mean?

Compliments of Jasper:

Low-code/no-code is the next step in the evolution of coding. Platforms like Mendix add another layer of abstraction to underlying code and it makes developing apps easy in multiple ways. First, you can build apps without coding and showcase them to your stakeholders faster. Secondly, the stakeholders can see a demo and provide more details and feedback. Hence, the gap between business and IT is closer and both teams are working together to solve a real business need. Lastly, application maintenance is just as critical as application building. There is one certain constant in life – change. Business rules and needs change and applications will need to evolve and change as well. If you are using a low-code solution, you can make changes and meet future needs with ease.

How does Mendix help enterprise companies rapidly build apps without coding?

It’s easy. Instead of worrying about what kinds of databases to pick, what kind of coding language to build your app in or what kind of UI/UX components to use, all of it is abstracted. The platform allows for anyone – from expert developers to business consultants with no coding background – to build applications.

Focus on entities instead of databases

The database structure is simplified into entities, attributes, and associations. Entities are the traditional database tables. Attributes are the columns and data types. Associations cover the cardinality between two relationships. Instead of worrying about proper table joins, in Mendix you only worry about the relationship between entities. Is it one to many – for example, one customer with multiple orders – or one to one (1-1) or many to many (*-*).

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