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Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic - Arthur Clarke

Senior Technical Sales Enablement Manager
- Instabase

November 2021 - Present

  • Develop & Deliver 1st live product bootcamp 

  • Delivering onboarding demo + Welcome to new hires

  • Develop & Deliver Demo Certification for Sales Engineering

  • Develop quarterly product release enablement sessions and aligning closely with R&D

  • Develop skills mapping and ongoing education for internal Sales + Solutions Engineering

  • Auditing and reviewing external customer Academy

Tech Skills & Tools: Instabase platform, Workramp

Technical Sales Enablement Manager - Mendix / Siemens

March 2020 - November 2021

  • Develop curriculum, run weekly online live sessions, and assessments for non-technical people such as Account Executives, Business Development Representatives and Customer Success Managers with NPS score of 95

  • Scaled weekly sessions to online learning paths taken ad hoc for existing team and during onboarding for new hires

  • Develop and deliver technical sales certification for 300+ global sales team

  • Align and successfully kick off technical training globally with various regions

  • Develop curriculum and onboarding program for expert and professional services

  • Manage expert services enablement process for 30 expert services professionals

Tech Skills & Tools: Mendix Platform, Salesforce, Marketo, Asana, Power BI Reporting, Learning Management, Hupspot InBound + Email Marketing


March 2018 - March 2020

  • Increased the Mendix University Program partnerships by 250% resulting in 150+ schools teaching the Mendix Platform in their Computer Science and Information Systems curriculum

  • Developed curriculum and syllabi content for college-level classes in System Analysis & Design, Project Management, Intro to Information Systems, Capstone courses

  • Guest lecturer at 50+ universities educating professors and students on low-code and agile with an NPS score of 85

  • 3 years teaching at MIT a 6 unit for-credit class in computer science department

  • Develop and deliver blog content, webinars, workshops, and educational content for Professors and Students

  • Develop online learning path for professors providing curriculum resources such as sample syllabi, sample projects, customer case studies and hands-on tutorials for students

  • Develop an online portal for educational resources for Professors-only

  • Implement Mendix platform and managing 150+ Universities and Professor relationships 

  • Enabled and certified 25% of professors in the University pipeline

  • Run Email Campaigns with an average of 67% click rates and 35% click to open rates

  • Collaborated with professors and published 4 research papers for journals and conferences such as AMCIS and EdSigCon 

    • Research papers have been read 7000+ times and cited 6 times


Tech Skills & Tools: Mendix Platform, Salesforce, Marketo, Asana, Power BI Reporting, Learning Management, Hupspot InBound + Email Marketing


September 2013 - Present

  • Lead Developer, ScrumMaster and Project Manager in 35+ clients managing the full project life cycle from requirements gatherings to project delivery using Agile principles

  • Primary North America Trainer, certifying and enabling thousands of partners and customers

  • Design, develop and deliver new program “Train the Trainer” to self-enable customers to scale

  • Develop online curriculum for advanced topics such as App Management, App Performance, Database Queries, Error Handling to enable thousands of citizen developers

  • Develop NPS survey app integrated with Salesforce to measure customer satisfaction leading to lower churn rate, internal process improvements and customer satisfaction visibility for customer success team

  • Develop and deploy academy marketing campaign with 60% click rate

  • Writing tech blogs with high views and conversion rates #2 in 2017, #5 and #7 in 2015

  • Design and deliver proof of concepts, educating leads on product capabilities

  • Develop and deliver highest number of educational webinars with top number of attendees

Tech Skills & Tools: Mendix Platform Certified Expert, CSS, Java, Javascript, Data Modeling (UML), Microflows (BPMN), Salesforce and integration, Visio, MS Office Suite, Wordpress


November 2012 - September 2013

  • Use state-of-the-art client-side authoring application to develop automated documents for customers

  • Interacting with business analysts and customers to clarify requirements for legal document automation

  • Supporting clients with product usage and debugging; the sales process by creating customized demos; the product by documenting and testing features in new releases and writing knowledge base articles for our support portal

  • Developer Lead and Analyst in largest insurance client delivering legal document automation

  • Train and Enable new hires, serve as point of contact for internal staff and external customers

Tech Skills & Tools: Exari Document Generation, Knowledge Base, Jira


July 2010 - October 2012

  • Responsible for design, proof of concepts, demos, and implementations of corporate software solutions based on IDOL enterprise search

  • Incorporated IDOL and other Autonomy solutions with OEM Partners in over 20+ customers and Fortune 500 companies

Tech Skills & Tools: IDOL, eDiscovery solutions, AJAX, Perl Scripting, Python, RegEx, Website crawling and data indexing


August 2009 - July 2010

  • Primary functions include data retrieval, manipulation, analysis and presentation to the C-level executive

  • Documented processes, developed relationships at all levels and reported on project status, resources and results 

  • Helped in normalizing the IT standards and projects across very different geographical locations to move the IT department toward efficiency, productivity and profitability

Tech Skills & Tools: MS Office Suite - SQL queries, Data retrieval and aggregation from various systems, Access Database and App Creation, Excel Pivot and Macros, Sharepoint content management 


April 2011 - November 2011

  • Start up founder and part of 5 MIT graduates - connected business founders with technical team

  • Researching competition and customer outreach - management of information and content

  • MIT 100k Honorable Mention Team

Tech Skills & Tools: Google groups, Google site, Wordpress, Django, HTML, CSS


May 2004 - June 2009

Tech Skills & Tools: LISP/scheme, Python, Algorithms, Femlab, Matlab, LaTeX, Chandra Data Spectral Analysis, C++, Java, Assembly, Stata, R, Big O notation, Computational Structures and Architecture

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