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Learn 3 tips on how to improve your UI performance

Nothing annoys a user more than a slow application. And unfortunately, no developer (not even a Mendix developer) is immune to this problem. But there are ways to boost application performance and it’s easy to manage this process in the Mendix App Platform. In my next Expert Webinar on performance optimization, I’ll focus on preventing user frustration by answering the question: How does UI impact performance?

To help get the community excited, I’ve included three tips below to ensure your User Interface remains as fast as possible.

1. Limit the number of objects showing on a page

When it comes to UI design – less is more. Show the users the right information only when it is needed. I’ve seen new Mendix developers build a single page that includes over 100 objects. But there’s no reason to do this. Why would a user ever need to see over 100 records at one time? This amount of information overloads the user and slows down the system.

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