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Want to learn how to build databases in 3 simple clicks?

The data model is the foundation of your application; it is the equivalent of the underlying database tables. Mendix uses a default HQL databases for local testing. However, it can also use Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle databases, if you prefer.

You can define the following components directly within the domain model:

  • Entities: the equivalent of a database table with a unique key (i.e. a Location entity or Financial Transaction entity)

  • Attributes: the equivalent of the columns in a database table (i.e. the name and address in a location or the date and type of the financial transaction)

  • Associations: the equivalent of a table with the two unique identifiers joined between tables (i.e. an association of 1 customer and many orders)

In this post, I’ll explain each of the main components and how they contribute to creating your application. We’ll use a test case throughout this post – consider the product ordering application example below. You can walk through the example with us by signing up to try the product for free.

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