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Growing up

I was born and raised in a small town called Fier, Albania. I grew up through a tumultuous time - Albania was transitioning from being the North Korea of Europe to an open borders and democratic country. I remember helping Kosovar refugees who had fleed from genocide, dodging bullets in the middle of the street due to the anarchy following the collapse of the pyramid schemes and playing outside in the dirt. However, it wasn't all war and anarchy. Albania has the best food, the best beaches and the best loyalty. I am proud and happy to see how much the country has changed for the better. Albania is now safe and is one of the best parts of Europe that isn't touched by commercialism and corporations. If you are interested in visiting or have questions - shoot me an email. 


Currently Residing

Boston is where I finished high school, college and started my professional career. It is a diverse city with so much to do and so many corners to explore. Some of my favorite things to do are: sailing on the Charles, strolling and exploring SOWA, book hunting at Copley Library's sales ($32 bucks for 32 books!). My favorite places to eat at are: Bar Boulud, Lord Hobo, Friendly Toast, Greco, Shake Shack, Oishii (best sushi evah!), LA Burdick (best hot chocolate in town!) and so many more... If you need any suggestions on new places to explore - shoot me an email.

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